preschool overview

All children learn differently, some learn by watching, or asking questions while others learn by doing. Beyond Preschool fosters a safe interactive environment conducive to multiple learning styles. Your child will jumpstart their academic journey as they mold clay letters, balance on one foot, paint a rainbow, listen to a story, measure a lego and more. Beyond Preschool provides opportunities for your child to use their imagination, and build a solid academic base. Their journey with Beyond Sports will set them up for success.


We value the arts and provide ample opportunities for your little one to paint, glue, cut, mold, draw, play or sing songs, etc. Your child will better understand the world around them as they design, create and discover colors, shapes, and sounds. 

Math and science

This is where your scientists will be born! Students will learn to integrate math and science into real life experiences as they, use math, counting, and measuring to investigate their world.

Language skills

With a strong emphasis on Montessori curriculum, students will begin their reading journey with hands-on exposure to sounds, letters, pronunciation, and blends. They will see sounds and letters as tools to adventure into new worlds.