preschool overview

All children learn differently. Some learn by watching. Some learn by asking questions. Others learn by doing. Beyond Preschool Is where your child has the opportunity to learn the way they learn best in a safe interactive environment. They will jumpstart their academic journey as they mold clay letters, balance on one foot, paint a rainbow, listen to a story and measure a lego. This program is designed to foster a love of learning as they have opportunities everyday to use their imagination, and build an academic base. This journey will not only give them academic skills, but will take them into a whole new world of learning and set them up for success in life. This is a program not to be missed!


Students will have opportunity to explore differing mediums in the art world. Whether painting, gluing, cutting, molding, drawing or playing a song, students will discover how they celebrate their world as their way as they design, create and discover color, shapes and sounds in their life.

Math and science

This is where your scientists will be born! As they learn to integrate math and science into real life experiences, students will use math, counting, and measuring to investigate their world.


This is an opportunity to pre-K to become more aware of their body and how to use it effectively in any environment. They develop coordination through jumping, rolling sliding, balancing, cartwheeling and so much more.


With a strong emphasis in Montessori curriculum, students will begin their reading journey with hands on exposure to sounds, letters, pronunciation and blends. They will see sounds and letters a tools to escape into new worlds.