Come Join the Fun!

We have new Education Programs starting in the fall of 2020.  We would love to have you come join the fun!


“My daughter asks every day if she can go to preschool… sometimes right after we’ve come home. She loves it and she has learned so much! She’s still 3 and she can use scissors, color in the lines, trace her name, and clean up after herself better than her older siblings – and those are just some of the things I’ve seen outside of the classroom! So impressed with this preschool. We will definitely be coming back next year!”

– Thea’s mom

Our amazing preschool focuses on helping our students discover a love of learning! Utilizing the montessori method, children are allowed to explore their world, consequently teaching them valuable skills that will give them a leg up when it comes time to attend school. Register today! 

  • Montessori Foundations
  • Confidence and Social Skills
  • Motor Skills (Like how to hold a pencil, cut paper, tie, zip, fold, etc.)
  • Reading precursors (letter/word recognition, phonics, etc.)
  • Optional Tutoring available

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Join our after school program!  School gets out too early for many parents who don’t want their kids to have to be home alone every day. That’s where we come in! We pick your child up from school and bring them to our montessori-style facility. We have a variety of learning games and activities that they can do, as well as an indoor tree house.  We do the following items/activities every day:

  • Pick Up
  • Snack
  • Physical Play Time (at a park or in the gym)
  • Reading Time (20 minutes)
  • Homework Time (20 minutes)
  • Activity Time (Games, Science Experiments, Art Projects, etc.)
  • Optional Taekwondo Time 

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